Kit Coffee + Poster + 3 Stickers


Drink the best Colombian Coffee  and discover coffee traditions and the wonderful places where your coffee come from.

This 2021 Holiday edition kit  includes:

  1. 12 Oz bag, Fresh Colombian Coffee.
  2.  Poster "Jardin, Colombia" town or "Traditional Willies" poster (choose one)
  3.  Sticker Jardin, Antioquia village
  4. Sticker Splendor cave
  5. Sticker "Willies" load with Colombian coffee

*We will send you one bag of 3 origins coffee beans. If you prefer an specific one or require that the coffee is ground send us a note in the check out and we will grind it for you.

Your choice matters, by choosing your favorite Origin,you benefit the families that grow coffee and live there

Jardin Colombia Town in The Andes

Jardín Origin

This picturesque town honors its name and still “A Garden” with tropical high trees that bloom and lush nature surrounding it.

Jericó Specialty Coffee, Sustainable coffee

Jericó Origin

This town located high-up on the mountains, have a long coffee tradition. It’s acknowledged as one of the Patrimonial towns of Colombia for its beauty and culture

House Oriente town. Estacion Colombia Specialty Coffee

Oriente Origin

In the “Oriente” region the best coffees are processed by welcoming people, surrounded by native forest, fresh water and wonderful landscapes