Dear friends: After 6 years of hard work we have decided to enter a hiatus, to get our house in order, and to rethink our business model, so that every stakeholder in the coffee process, from farmers to consumers, can benefit equally. Thank you for all your support and good vibes!

1 Lbs Bag

From $11.00

  • Aroma
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Roasting

A town close to the clouds, where the coffee landscape and costumes are the pride of its people. This is a coffee with a higher roasting that highlights the caramel and cocoa beans hints.  A great way to start your morning with a sweet kick.

Flavor profile: Caramel, soft citric acidity, cocoa beans

To order, select the grind you like (grounded is preselected if you prefer it that way), and choose the amount of coffee.

Minimum order: 2 Lbs. WHY? (Read more)

Shipping a single pound would represent a higher cost for you and for ourselves. It also leaves a greater carbon footprint on our planet.

Order from 2 Lbs to 4 Lbs. You’ll get the coffee in 1 Lb bags.

How much is that?

1 Lb is enough for you to drink around 18 cups of coffee. So if you drink only once a day, then 2 lbs would be enough for a month. If you live with someone else that also drinks only once a day, 4 Lbs is enough for a month.