1-to-1 Online Coffee Experience


1-to-1 Online Coffee Experience

Your coffee journey starts by discovering new aromas and flavors that are the key to new coffee experiences!

Like wine tasting, coffee tasting is also the way to discover the secrets behind their origin, the care put into the product, and the processes that make a remarkable drink.

In this hands-on online experience, you will use basic items from your kitchen to learn how to brew better coffee and the basics to find new flavors and aromas in coffee.

This 40 minute online experience is led by a professional barista and coffee taster that will share with you their insights and recipes that will improve the flavor of your favorite coffee. Bring all of your coffee questions, get ready to learn, and have a wonderful time!

The experience includes a coffee tasting log but you will need the following for the online coffee experience:

  • Your brewing coffee method
  • Ground Coffee
  • 2 fruits
  • 3 basic ingredients from your kitchen
  • A good internet connection

IMPORTANT NOTE: No previous experience is needed.  You can choose a time and date for your revolutionary coffee experience to fit your schedule.