Premium Coffee subscription box



Premium Coffee Subscription Box. If you are a real coffee enthusiast this subscription is for you! Each month you will receive one bag of our Harvest edition Coffee or a Premium Processed Colombian Coffee.

Included in the Premium Coffee subscription box:

  • 1 Bag of Harvest Edition Coffee + 1 Bag of Premium Processed Coffee
  • A traditional Colombian snack every month from the Flavor Kit
  • Discounts and travel deals to Colombia

Harvest Edition is a type of coffee grown by farmers in small lots, using exotic coffee varieties. At the time of harvest, coffee cherries from these small lots are separated and graded, finding the unique hints for that year/season created by the ever-changing weather conditions of Colombia, among other factors. The unrepeatable flavors you will find in this cup will widen your coffee frontier.

Premium processed Coffees (Like honey, naturals, lactic fermented …) are the ones that have a differential handling in the mill and before roasting. These processes are planned ahead for each batch by coffee specialists and after training, they are implemented by the farmers.

*Your Premium Coffee beans  will be shipped to you fresh roasted every month

Supporting 45 families in Colombia

For every bag of coffee you buy, small-scale coffee growers in Colombia are paid a premium over their harvest. Also, they get a consistent income monthly.

* You can cancel your subscription anytime and be refunded for the unused services.