Oriente Origin Specialty Coffee



Flavor profile: Powerful aroma, traditional “Panela”, citrus fruits

A coffee from a special origin with a light roast. Ideal for aroma lovers that can enjoy the soft attributes of a great lighter coffee. The bright acidity and the traditional “Panela” hints make it perfect to take a break and enjoy slow at any time of the day.

Each bag contains 12oz/340gr of Colombian Specialty Coffee roasted beans.

You can choose your preferred grind depending on the brewing method you use.

Supporting 15 families in Oriente, Colombia

For every bag of coffee, you buy small coffee growers in the Oriente, Colombia are paid a premium over their harvest and also get a consistent income monthly.

Your choice matters, select your favorite Coffee Origin and benefit the families that grow coffee and live there

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In the “Oriente” region the best coffees are processed by welcoming people, surrounded by native forest, fresh water and wonderful landscapes.