Dear friends: After 6 years of hard work we have decided to enter a hiatus, to get our house in order, and to rethink our business model, so that every stakeholder in the coffee process, from farmers to consumers, can benefit equally. Thank you for all your support and good vibes!

Colombian Flavor Kit


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Snack Kit and Coffee to give you a tasty tour around Colombia.

  • Bocadillo: Sweet made out of guava fruit. Guava is found all over Colombia this citric fruit contains more Vit C than any other fruit you might know
  • Panela: Healthy sweetener Made out of sugar cane full of vitamins and minerals
  • Chocolate: 75% Cacao this powerful fruit that grows in many regions of our country, is good for your hearth, mind, and easy to find on your coffee cup.
  • Panelitas: Sweet made out of Panela and coconut great to have with your coffee.
  • Sweet plantains: Sweet chips made of one of the hundred of plantain varieties we have in Colombia
  • Green Mango: Dry fruit chips to experience this exotic flavor very popular in the country