Dear friends: After 6 years of hard work we have decided to enter a hiatus, to get our house in order, and to rethink our business model, so that every stakeholder in the coffee process, from farmers to consumers, can benefit equally. Thank you for all your support and good vibes!

Our Journey

Estación Colombia is an online Specialty Coffee shop

Through this station, 45  Colombian families deliver their wonderful coffee to your door in the US

Your morning coffee from Estación Colombia; provide the growers with a monthly income, promote sustainable travel and support women in the coffee business

Where Estación Colombia Came From

Our Journey began more than 7 years ago by touring the coffee farms in Colombia. We took international visitors to the farms to learn and appreciate the Andes Mountains and share with the coffee growers the beauty of their land.

Since then we have seen the growers improve the quality of their lives and coffees. The growers formed cooperatives to achieve the changes they prioritize for their communities.

Thousands of visitors that have traveled with us since then wanted to keep supporting the coffee farms they visited. We started exporting the premium coffee beans from the locations that the tourists visited  and fell in love with.

Now, we have invested in the community tourism model that we started that enables consumers to purchase their specialty coffee before visiting the farms


Recognizing  Women’s Work

Women coffee growers; plant coffee, generate productive projects, and represent 25% of the people registered in the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

However, their participation in trade union committees and associations is low, due to the traditional subordination and exclusion that women have experienced in all work areas in Colombia.

Their work needs to be recognized and their voices need to be heard. We are committed to connecting Colombian women in the coffee industry with markets, allies, and associations that promote gender equality and empowerment.


My name is Maria Clara and I was born in Medellin, Colombia. Since I was a kid I have been fascinated with the animals, the landscapes, and the kind people of my home country.

I am a Veterinarian VDM, a proud UW Madison fellow and a social entrepreneur in love with the city of Madison

For the last 8 years, I have worked with 45 small coffee growers in Colombia learning about tasting, harvesting, and roasting the best coffee.

Currently, I support their cooperative efforts by finding direct buyers for their wonderful high quality coffee under the Estación Colombia Coffee brand.



Drink Specialty Coffee, buy locally in Madison,Wi. and travel to Colombia


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