Our Journey

Estación Colombia is a specialty coffee shop in Madison, WI.

Through this station, 45  Colombian families deliver their wonderful coffee to your door in the US

Your morning coffee from Estación Colombia; increase small-scale growers income, promote sustainable travel and cultural exchange


My name is Maria Clara Ruiz Zapata, I am a Veterinarian VMD and proud University of Wisconsin-Madison fellow. I enjoy being an entrepreneur; interpreter and tourist guide. I am passionate about Colombia, its bio-diversity and its wonderful coffee.

I am also the founder of Zooming.co a travel company that builds meaningful experiences and bespoke trips for travelers visiting Colombia.

For 8 years I have toured coffee farms in Colombia; learning, tasting and preparing coffee for travelers and experts from all over the world.

Where Estación Colombia Came From

According to a 2021 report, 42,5% of the Colombian population lives below the poverty line, which  means that 21 million people survive with 87 USD per month.

Unfortunatly the coffee growers are part of these tragic numbers. Along with the team at Zooming.co, we have promote Agritourism ( coffee tours) in the region for 8 years. This activity have help the growers to generate a supplemental steady income for them

After the decrease of coffee tours to zero in 2020, we focus our efforts on keeping the  support to the coffee growers, through this unified Specialty Colombian Coffee brand that represents them.

Recognizing  Women’s Work

Women coffee growers; plant coffee, generate productive projects, and represent 25% of the people registered in the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

However, their participation in trade union committees and associations is low, due to the traditional subordination and exclusion that women have experienced in all work areas in Colombia.

Their work needs to be recognized and their voices need to be heard. We are committed to connecting Colombian women in the coffee industry with markets, allies, and associations that promote gender equality and empowerment.

Drink Specialty Coffee, buy locally in Madison,Wi. and travel to Colombia

Already 2385 coffee drinkers have discovered the coffee farms. Be the next one!


6709 Raymond Rd, Madison, WI 53719