Dear friends: After 6 years of hard work we have decided to enter a hiatus, to get our house in order, and to rethink our business model, so that every stakeholder in the coffee process, from farmers to consumers, can benefit equally. Thank you for all your support and good vibes!

Our Colombian Specialty Coffee

45 small-scale coffee farmers sharing with you their work and knowledge

Each of our Coffees comes from one of these unique villages in the Colombian Andes: Jardin, Jerico and the Oriente Region

The small-scale farmers we represent have their operation centers through 3 organized cooperatives that they have put together to address their own needs.

You are welcome to visit these towns and enjoy their beauty and tranquility. The coffee growers will be glad to show you why their coffee is the best.

Jardín Origin

It reveals the feeling of a small farm in the Andes, surrounded by sugar cane crops, fruits, and flowers. The balanced warming feeling it gives is something to share.

Jerico coffee Colombia subscription

Jericó Origin

From a town close to the clouds, this is a coffee with a higher roasting that highlights the caramel and cocoa beans hints. A great way to start your morning with a sweet kick.

Oriente Origin

Ideal for Aromatic coffee lovers. The bright acidity and the traditional “panela” hints make it perfect to take a break and enjoy it at any time of the day.

Special Coffee Processing

We use science and selected coffee varietals to achieve new flavors in coffee without adding anything extra for the final results.

These are the benefits of the differential processes:

1. Uses less freshwater (50 to 70% less) making them environmentally friendly.

2. Are a new way to give more value to the small-scale farmers time and knowledge.

3. Are performed the artisanal way without using machinery

4. Accomplish the unique hints and flavors that you can taste and feel in the final cup.

You can find them in our Harvest Editionsand Specialty Selections

Roasted in Origin

Only 27 years ago Colombia could not roast their own Premium Coffee by law. In our sustainable model, we trust and support Colombian roasters that are able to roast their own coffee. They are skilled professionals and one of our biggest allies.

Our roasters in Medellin, Colombia. Highlight the best attributes for each coffee and work hard with the growers in the planning and development of the Special Coffees we offer you.

Traditional Coffee Processing

For our Specialty Coffees every part of the process is crafted to achieve an outstanding cup.

Only the ripe beans are harvested from the coffee bushes then they are selected by size and weight. Afterwards, the beans are fermented and washed with fresh water from the mountains and then dry in the sun.

We test each batch for their humidity content and their flavor profile. We only choose to roast the best coffee beans.


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