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Historically Colombian coffee growers have been paid with a model that has even prevent them from covering the production cost

Colombia is the 2nd biggest producer of Arabica Coffee beans in the world, 95% of the coffee growers in Colombia are small farmers (500,000 families) and many of them live below the poverty line.

The panorama however can be a positive one. This coffee growers are grateful for many things; for being able to connect with you directly, for beign alive and healthy and for their loved mountains.

It makes a big difference for them to sell their product directly to you and to have a share of the final product income for the first time.

Colombian Coffee growers

Coffee Growers Stories

Guayacan Tropical Colombia coffee landscape

Increasing Coffee Growers Income by

more than 40%

Allied coffee growers are paid a premium price of 30% more for the raw coffee during the harvest.

Also, they get a monthly extra 0.45$ cents, for every pound of roasted beans sold.  This model allows them to have a monthly living income during the year for the first time in history.

On top of increaseing their income by hosting coffee tours on their farms,  this small-scale coffee growers have seen other positive impacts in their communities. They are everyday more empowered by their lands and their culture. This experiencies have also widen their minds to a world with diverse opportunities.


Coffee Women Power

47% of the women in Colombia are below the poverty line. Even though their work is vital for the agricultural business, most of the time these women are not even paid. In 10 out of 45 families in our alliance a woman is the owner of the farm. These women owners working with us, get privilege access to markets, allies, and associations that promote gender equality and promote their empowerment.

Coffee women Colombia

Take this invitation to see by your self why they are so proud of their Special Coffee.

Travel to Colombia! and also find out what is your positive impact in their communities touring the coffree farms.

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