Dear friends: After 6 years of hard work we have decided to enter a hiatus, to get our house in order, and to rethink our business model, so that every stakeholder in the coffee process, from farmers to consumers, can benefit equally. Thank you for all your support and good vibes!

Growers Station

Colombia is the second biggest producer of Arabica Coffee beans in the world. 95% of the coffee growers in Colombia are small farmers

70% of the coffee that the world drinks is mixed with Colombian Coffee. This means the 500,000 small farmers in Colombia support a huge part of the coffee world.

Even though Colombian coffee growers contribute so much to the coffee scene, they have been paid with a model that has even prevented them from covering their production cost.

It is our goal to keep supporting their cooperative efforts by buying their product with a model that provides a living monthly income. 

This is achieved by buying their fair trade coffee at a higher price. Also, by sharing the final income of the product with them and helping them to keep their community tourism business operating.

Colombian Coffee growers
Colombian Growers on a coffee tour

Increasing Coffee Growers Income by 3 key strategies!

1. Allied coffee growers are paid a premium price of 30% more on top of the fair trade coffee price

2. Colombian growers on average around $2 per hour. They get a extra $1 for every bag of roasted beans sold

3. Drastically increasing their income by hosting coffee tours on their farms

This model allows them to have a monthly living income during the year for the first time in history


Coffee Women Power

47% of the women in Colombia are below the poverty line. Even though their work is vital for the agricultural business, most of the time these women are not even paid.

In 10 out of 45 families in our alliance a woman is the owner of the farm. These women owners get privilege access to markets, allies, and associations that promote gender equality and promote their empowerment.

Coffee women Colombia

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