The coffee farmers’ sustainability comes from buying directly from them

Families employed

Kg sold directly

Farm visitors

Coffee Growers Colombia

The beginning of your Coffee Journey

Colombian Coffee is deeply rooted into the country’s tradition.

That is why, you can begin to travel to Colombia having an outstanding cup of  Specialty Coffee.

You can choose from 3 places (Origins) in Colombia to buy your Premium Coffee from.

With your choice you will be providing a steady monthly income for the Coffee growers families that you choose.

Once you choose where you buy your coffee from, you are invited to discover more about the Coffee you drink.

You can visit the growers that share their coffee with you.

Also enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and simple beauty that is part of their everyday life.

At Estacion Colombia Coffee our goal is to create beneficial human connections through direct trade. You can join us with your coffee cup

What does Premium Coffee mean?

The Colombian coffee label is often used incorrectly. Other brands buy poor quality coffee beans that in Colombia would not be exported as Colombian Coffee to consumers. The companies get away with this by using their own roasting practices. We only roast the best beans grown in Colombia.

To get the REAL Colombian Coffee you need to buy Premium Colombian Coffee.

Premium Colombian Coffee to us means:

  1. The beans are cultivated at a special geographic micro-climate high up on the Andes mountains
  2. The beans are treated carefully with outstanding processes
  3. We roast the highest quality beans and deliver them fresh to you

1+2+3 = The most delicious coffee in a cup

Only 10% of the Coffee harvested classifies as Premium Colombian Coffee..  The Coffee you will find here is in THE BEST 10% coffee in the world.

Premium Colombian Coffee  Gifts, and Specialty Coffee Subscriptions are at our Colombian Coffee Shop

Support the growers

Travel to Colombia

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2385 coffee drinkers have traveled to   see Colombian coffee farms with us

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