Make a difference  for 45 Colombian families, with a cup of coffee

Join the 2500 enthusiasts who experienced the journey of  the best 100% Colombian Coffee delivered right to your home

Doing Good Through Human Connections, Your Coffee Matters, Your Choices Matter


These 100% Specialty Colombian Coffees directly benefits the 45 small-scale growers that we represent. The origins of this coffee are in small towns across Colombia where these families live and work on their farms.

What does Specialty Coffee mean?

You may have thought you were buying great Colombian Coffee before, but 90% is a poor quality mixture. To get the REAL  100% BEST Colombian Coffee you need to buy Specialty Coffee.

A 100% Specialty Colombian Coffee means:

  1. We choose the highest quality beans
  2. The beans are cultivated at a special geographic micro-climate (High up on the Andes mountains)
  3. The beans are treated carefully with our refined processes

1+2+3 = The most delicious coffee in a cup

Only 10% of the Coffee harvested classifies as Specialty Coffee. They are the result of a lot of care and consistent work through the years.  That is the Coffee you will find here only THE BEST 10%

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Sustainability is to buy directly from the farmers and share their achievements

Families employed

Kg sold directly

Farm visitors

Coffee Growers Colombia

Enjoy your coffee and begin your Journey to Colombia

Colombian coffee is deeply rooted into the country’s tradition. That is why, you can begin to travel to Colombia having an outstanding cup of  Specialty Coffee. This unique experience begins by delighting your senses and then discovering where the journey will take you.

You can choose from 3 places (Origins) in Colombia to buy your Specialty Coffee from. With your choice you will be providing a steady monthly income for the Coffee growers families that you choose.

Once you choose where you buy your coffee from, you are invited to discover more about the Coffee you drink , visit the growers and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and simple beauty that is part of their everyday life.

We all have more in common than we think; that is why our goal is to create beneficial human connections through coffee. We strive for connections that allows us to look each other in the eyes and to celebrate life with a cup of this refined beverage.

Drink Specialty Coffee, and travel to Colombia. Buy locally in Madison,Wi.

Already 2385 coffee drinkers have discovered the coffee farms. Be the next one!


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